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Counselling and therapy are ways of developing greater understanding of yourself – your inner life, sense of self, relationships with others, your behaviour patterns – and of developing new ways of relating. The process is confidential, and relies on developing safety and trust between the individual and the therapist.

There are many different approaches to counselling and therapy – some are shorter term, focusing on information and education while others are medium to longer term focusing on patterns of feeling and behaving, and on the impacts of early life experiences on how you feel and act today.

Personalised individual therapy

I believe therapy is a powerful, challenging and effective process for self-exploration, understanding, growth and change. I have particular interest in the ways people find meaning in their lives, how they understand the impacts of their individual history, and how that influences them today.

I use a wide range of techniques depending on your needs, interests and what you find useful.

How long will we work together?

It is difficult (and perhaps not always useful) to predict how long a person will be in counselling or therapy.  You may have a specific issue or experience that you want to understand more fully or develop ways to deal with it; while others may be aware of long standing feelings or patterns that need careful reflection and understanding.

We can discuss what your needs are and develop an approach to counselling or therapy.


Facilitated groups can provide an opportunity for peer support and growth by bringing together people who share a common experience or issue.

In 2002 Dr Fintan Harte and I facilitated a Partners’ Support Group for people whose partners were transgender. This group met weekly for 12 weeks and continued on for a further 12 months.  Members of this group are still in contact with each other.

I have also facilitated one-off or regular discussion sessions for partner with peer support groups in Melbourne (Zoe Belle Gender Centre) and Sydney (FTM Australia).

Darwin Clouds, Melbourne Rainbow

Queer Therapies Network
In 2013, Jeff Kelly (clinical psychologist) and I began a network for therapists working with gay, lesbian, bisexual and sex and gender diverse people.  We meet every six weeks to reflect on our clinical approaches and the broad issues facing ‘queer’ communities.

Contact me if you are interested in individual therapy or a group program via my contact form or by calling me on zero four one seven three six five nine six zero during business hours.